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Aspects of advertisements dealing with pricing information are outlined more explicitly in the Phonepay Plus Code than in the CAP Code (the latter merely requires ads not to mislead).We therefore advise marketers to refer to the Phonepay Plus Code, and its strict guidelines on the way in which pricing information is conveyed, when preparing marketing communications for premium-rate telephone services.I love to play with you as an object used for my pleasure.You are no longer a human to me, you are merely the vehicle for my sick and...Digital Select has a wide variety of managed premium rate services, including managed live 1-2-1 Adult Chat services and recorded adult numbers.Digital Select Ltd creates the following packages by matching the premium rate numbers with either the recorded content or live operators managed and supplied by a third party bureau.

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Only numbers you can find us on these days are: 08 (general enquiries/sales/events) - 9am-6pm, mon-fri (approx 4p/min or less) 08 (tech support for Clanservers/DSL) - 10am-10pm, 7 days a week (approx 8p/min) They're not "premium rate" numbers @ 50p/min or anything like that.

New operators are vetted by the bureau provider during the recruitment process to ensure the services are of the highest quality with the best operators.

The live services provide excellent average call times and high repeat callers.

Marketers should therefore check in the first instance whether the content of their services complies with the Phonepay Plus Code of Practice (available on

The Phonepay Plus Code regulates the promotion of those services – it overlaps with the CAP Code – and advertisements should comply with both Codes.

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