10 commandments dating ben young

When there’s not, there will always be conflict since it will be hard to see a moment in time when both people are together in the same place.

If you’re dating a world traveler, don’t try to tie him/her down. And if you’re dating a non-traveler, don’t try to force him/her to travel with you. So hey, let’s assume you’re already on the road and you’re dating either a local or another world traveler. Well, in my experience, locals love to explore the places they already love with world travelers since that way they can better connect and relate to each other.

Honesty is key and you will be only shooting yourself in the foot if you decided to lie to people you want to get involved with. In my life as a world traveler, I have met all sorts of couples that travel with or without their other half and after interviewing (and yes, getting involved with) some of them, the general agreement was that jealousy is best put to rest with a non-exclusive relation.

When love is strong, nothing else should matter (not even a handsome Latin Lover like me).

Don’t take the other person for granted and cherish the present more than the future.

In my previous life as a player in Mexico, I used to make fake promises about wanting to date someone for real when I was only after a one-week stand.

If you ask me, it will only work when both know that there’s an endgame in sight.

Time sure flies when you’re on the road having fun, right? I present you the 10 Commandments of Dating and Travel, be sure to read them all, print them and hand them over to that special someone next time you’re ready to hit the road. Thinking about what might happen tomorrow will only distract you from fully enjoying what’s right in front of your eyes.

And well, now that the month of love is over, it’s time to reflect on one of the topics that is known for creating countless joy and sorrow: Dating a World Traveler. Yes, saying goodbye will be hard but that’s why saying hello should be more important in life.

Obedience to God is the test of the genuine Christian.

1 John 3:4 “Whoever commits sin also commits lawlessness, and SIN IS LAWLESSNESS.” Some say that Gods Ten Commandments were nailed to the cross of Christ: but this cannot be so.

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