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Was older than Was on a jury Was on a treadmill Was on Easy Street Was on the beat as tap dancing got under way Was on the bottom? Was out Was out for a bit Was outstanding Was over Was overly nice Was overrun Was patient for Was perpetually dishonest Was personally meaningful Was philanthropic Was positive Was present Was present (in)Was present wrapping from artist cared for?

Was more than miffed Was natural and unrestrai Was no dummy Was not cooped up Was not off one's rocker Was obliged to lock me up, when previously guilty Was obsequious Was obviously displeased Was obviously impressed Was obviously in pain Was of importance Was of the opinion Was of use Was off Was off base Was OK'd by Playtex?

Was too fussy Was too sweet Was trade diverted to the Land of the Rising Sun? Waste holders Waste large satellite's power during repair Waste line Waste maker Waste maker, in a proverb Waste maker, proverbially Waste material Waste matter Waste not Waste of a meal Waste of a sort Waste of an election?

Was threatening, like a drunk the following morning? Washington in the Songwri Washington insider, maybe Washington insiders Washington Irving charact Washington Irving hero Washington Irving hero, i Washington Irving's Crane Washington is just above Washington is known for t Washington is on it Washington landmark, with Washington locale Washington locale, with "Washington Mayor Marion Washington Memorial dedic Washington nine Washington of Hollywood Washington of jazz Washington or Irving Washington or Phoenix Washington post Washington pro Washington product Washington seaport Washington site Washington State airport Washington State's Sea-__Washington suburb Washington summit Washington team, informal Washington time Washington to California Washington transit system Washington type Washington V. Wasp homes Wasp's home Wasp's nest site Wasps' home Wasps, perhaps, stick round a minor route Wassail alternative Wassailer's song Wassailers' times Wassailing choice Wasser in the winter Waste Waste (away)Waste a lot of time in prison Waste all on spare power source Waste allowance Waste allowance of old Waste away Waste channel Waste comes from river Waste container Waste damaged material Waste from river flowing up over most of island Waste gases, e.g.

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Was snail-like Was sociable at a party Was sociable, in a way Was son left outside? A bowl wife left out Washboard ___Washday brand Washday units Washed Washed (down)Washed (down), as a sidew Washed away Washed off Washed out Washed up Washed with lots of water Washed-out Washed-out look Washed-up person Washed-up star Washer cycle Washer for locks Washer or dryer action Washer setting Washer's partner Washer/dryer unit Washerful Washes Washes away Washes with detergent Washes without water Washing Washing away Washing container Washing dishes, taking ou Washing establishment Washing facility Washing facility - worthless lot Washing instructions site Washing jobs Washing machine cycle Washing machine or toaster, say Washing machine part Washing machine phase Washing machine setting Washing machine sound Washing one left around, possibly wet? C., once Washington, DC time zone Washington, e.g.: Abbr. Walked through a campgrou Walked through a puddle Walked to the door Walked unsteadily Walked upon Walked with a purpose Walken's gift in "The Dea Walker Walker is fitter, covering miles Walker who keeps talking incoherently? Warren Commission subject Warren Moon, once Warren of "Dillinger"Warren of the car rental Warren of the Supreme Cou Warren Report name Warren Spahn? Was a motor-mouth Was a neighbor of Was a passenger Was a pioneer Was a rat Was a secret agent Was a sounding board Was a star? Was apparently lit Was appealing Was artificially cooled, Was assaultive in a craft Was at fault Was at the Colosseum? Was atop Was attentive Was attractive (to)Was attractive? Walk, slangily Walk, trot or canter Walk-on part in Test is observed uninterrupted Walk-on parts? Walk-up resident Walk-way connector Walk-___Walk-___ (small parts)Walkaway Walked Walked (on)Walked about Walked along Walked along, weary and reluctant Walked awkwardly Walked back and forth ove Walked boldly Walked briskly Walked closely behind man, European went first Walked drunkenly, not in a straight line Walked from one bank to a Walked in Walked in shallow water, or rowed in boat Walked in the rain, say Walked like a confined prisoner in stockinged feet, which prevents self-harm Walked like a tosspot Walked nervously Walked northwards to conceal beginning of moonlight flit Walked off with Walked on Walked ostentatiously Walked out on Walked over Walked purposefully Walked quietly Walked roughly on Walked the earth Walked the mongrel? info Warren Warren : rabbits :: couch Warren Beatty title role Warren Buffett's sobrique Warren Buffett, by birth Warren Buffett, e.g. Was a good dog, perhaps Was a good Samaritan to Was a joint tenant? Walking out of Spain in traffic Walking quietly Walking stick Walking stick; punish Walking tall Walking the dog and other Walking the dogie? Was charitable Was charmed, with "out"Was China developing a device for a power cut? Walker's aid Walker's nude walk Walker's support Walker, briefly Walker, Cooper and others Walker, for short Walker, in sign language Walker, quickly Walkers on hot coals Walkers' measuring device Walkers' route Walkers, briefly Walkers, for short Walkers, in brief Walkie-talkie Walkie-talkie answer Walkie-talkie button Walkie-talkie word Walking Walking about 30cm requires no energy Walking awkwardly because of pain Walking despite being inj Walking difficulty Walking encyclopedia Walking leisurely Walking like a peacock Walking like soldiers Walking mud over grass verges Walking on air Walking on hot embers? Was a tributary for Was a turkey Was able to Was able to answer on a t Was able to fit something Was about to call newspaper’s boss Was addicted to Was adequate Was admitted to Was ahead Was almost out Was almost out of invento Was almost out of stock Was among the spectators perhaps as a race finished Was an accountant? Was audibly impressed Was aware Was aware of Was aware that doing some Was beaten by Was bedbound Was behind Was behind MP coming in for one downtrodden Was behind schedule Was beholden to Was benefactor hosting immoderate dance? Was bothered if 30 seconds late, we hear Was bright Was bright, as the sun Was broad on the boards Was busy Was canned Was capable of Was changing partners in order to get partners for life?

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