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I filed both sides and center area down until I was at the steel cable.

once you have filed the repair area down to fit the guide tube make sure tube is streight lube and slide the cable back into the tube. for those who say this cant be done your are welcome to check mine out as this is now the strongest part of my shift system.

I m unable to locate where to check the fluid level, or the fill.

I was told the level/filler was in front of my right foot when sitting on the tractor, however all I see there is a slotted shaft with a lock nut.. The tractor is a ZB or ZA_Model-Special it was made the last year of Z production in 1955-56 If my memory is correct.

If you could get back to me with some info thank you ! I don t know what year and I don t know where to find the serial #. I live in eastern North Carolina and I don t know where to find parts for the hydraulics. I like a few have found this cable hard to find at best. well burn off both ends with a torch careful not to burn off cable.

I went to a tractor store for an O ring the guys there said they had never heard of a Ford Super Major backhoe but they assured me that the O ring I got would seal. fit both ends in a vice and begin to braze with very low heat I mean real low dont rush work brass into 3/8 inch of the cable on both sides of junction. after you have admired your worst braze job get your file a beverage and some working music.

Does anyone know of any power steering that will adapt to a dexta like a set up from a 3000 or 4000 ford. We havwe owned a 1954 Deisel Fordson Major for 15 years it is 50 hp. We ar now replacing the hread gasket and we dont know what the tourque pressure per pound is for the head bolts.

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