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Grindr stood out as the app that was most likely to result in date, with 31% of Grindr users reporting that using the app gets them at least one date a month.

Overall, 23% of all dating app users said someone via an app at least monthly, and a further 48% occasionally.

Almost all gay dating apps offer both a free and paid-for version of there service (providing users additional functionality or removing limits on messaging).

Our survey reveals only a small minority of users actually pay to use the apps.

All but one of the top 12 dating apps we surveyed received an overall use satisfaction score of more than 50%.

During the highly publicized “Occupy Gezi” protests in May and June 2013, the number of Turkish Twitter users rose from 2 to 8 million.[4] The role of social media in weakening the ruling party’s control over the flow of information has led to new laws to censor content. 5651 on Regulating the Internet were passed in February 2014, September 2014, and March 2015, broadening the scope of regulators’ powers to block content without a court order, increasing burdens on intermediaries, and eroding the privacy of users’ personal data.

Other than the results of which apps people use, we have excluded apps from results where the total number of responses for that app was less than 100.

You may republish data in this survey, subject to acknowledgement of both Travel Gay Asia and Gay Star News as the source.

Blocking orders tend to coincide with important political events, such as an election, intelligence leak, hostage crisis, or corruption scandal.

The Constitutional Court also overturned some of the most problematic aspects of the amendments to Law No.

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