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Age definitely helps bring things into perspective.SHAMED: 11 Actresses share the stories of how they were absurdly called too old or the wrong weight for a role Hollywood, as an industry, is harsh about age and the concept of an actresses' "shelf life" is not a new one.Yugoslav pilots, hammer and sickle in tow, trained in the US, and then went home to fly US jets with communist roundels.

Had Korea not escalated, there’s a good chance the Yugoslav affair would have escalated into outright war in 1950/51.

Tito and Stalin had a falling out and in 1948 Tito more or less told Stalin to go forth and multiply.

In fact, Stalin’s post-war USSR wasn’t too socialist to begin with - it was downright despotic and tyrannical, a proper Evil Empire. At about the same time the Red Scare was in full swing, the US decided to send loads of military aid to Yugoslavia, which turned communist after it was liberated by Tito’s Partisans in WWII (which luckily meant most of it was not “liberated” by the Red Army).

However, the ladies on this list prove that age is not a factor when it comes to being excellent in their field.

They blast through any misconceptions about age and prove that you can be 13 or 95 and still be one of the world's best.

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