90 s dating shows

This is a reference to a scene from the movie Back to the Future where Marvin Berry calls his cousin Chuck Berry and makes him listen to Marty Mc Fly playing a cover of "Johnny B. The breaking news broadcast on TV by Kurt Loder (voiced by Loder himself) self-references Loder's own breaking news broadcast on MTV News that Kurt Cobain was dead.An estimated 7.6 million viewers tuned into the episode, fewer than the previous episode.Robert Canning of IGN strongly disliked the episode, also feeling that the continuity change was not a good choice.He said, "What 'That '90s Show' did was neither cool nor interesting.At Springfield University, Marge is impressed with her surroundings and with the radically feminist revisionist history professor Stefane August, despite Homer's disapproval.

When running onto the beach, August shocks Marge by revealing that he opposes marriage, calling it oppressive, angering Marge who would like to get married someday.

After the two argue, Marge breaks up with him, breaking his heart.

A miserable Marge watches television and is surprised to see Homer made a song dedicated to her, called "Margerine" (based on "Glycerine" by Bush), about what she did to Homer.

The two re-unite and as the 90's draw to a close, Marge and Homer have fun inside a mini golf course, implying this is when and where they conceived Bart, though Bart and Lisa fall asleep during the revelation.

When Homer's band is playing "Politically Incorrect", a character named "Marvin Cobain" calls his cousin Kurt Cobain on the phone and makes him listen to the song, stating that it might be the new sound he has been looking for.

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