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Shield trees are seen occasionally in the Sydney bush.A substantial piece of bark would be cut out of a tree and used as a shield or tray.Areas like Sydney and the Blue Mountains have many rock carvings because they predominantly consist of sandstone (known as Hawkesbury sandstone), which is a very suitable surface for rock carvings.See Sydney Rock Engravings for the main article on these.Charcoal drawings were exactly that: drawings executed with a piece of charcoal.Like the rock carvings, they could be of a wide range of subjects, with animals often featured.Thus we are left with a date range of 5000–200 years ago.It is likely that some of the freshest engravings represent the later part of that time range, whilst the most worn represent the earliest part.

Other engravings show European sailing ships, and so cannot be more than about 200 years old.Shell middens developed in occupation sites where shell fish were consumed.Over the years, layers of shells would build up, creating a concentration of many shells in the soil around the occupation site.One such purpose is thought to have been what some people call "wish fulfilment magic"—or sympathetic magic—in which the act of creating the magical work is thought to bring about the event depicted in the work.For example, a hunting scene—a common subject in rock carvings—would be aimed at bringing about the desired reality of good hunting.

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