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Since many brokerages offer free IRA accounts to clients with a certain minimum asset threshold, be sure that all of your accounts are counting toward that minimum.If you don’t have enough assets to get a free IRA account, consider switching financial companies.Most of the others only charge a yearly IRA fee on small accounts, those with low activity, or on those that do not sign up for e-statements.

Better to save the money, and get first-class customer service somewhere else, than let a bigger player nickel and dime you to death.

Furthermore, regulations require statement delivery to IRA account holders at least once per quarter.

All of this would be fine, except that IRA accounts can earn very little money for banks and brokerages. That is, no one is making contributions or withdrawals.

If you take a less a less charitable view of the financial industry, then they do it in the third quarter because that is when financial clients are the least likely to be paying attention.

It’s summer, you aren’t really thinking about rebalancing your investments, or closely reviewing your paperwork for taxes, and so on.

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