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As a whole, the Sienna is an excellent seven- or eight-passenger minivan choice for larger families.Lastly, if a full-size minivan is more than you need in a kidmobile but you'd still like six-passenger capacity and the miracle of sliding doors, take a look at the smaller Mazda 5, a micro minivan that could be just right for you.Beginning in 1965, the Easy Listening chart would begin to be compiled by a method similar to the one used for other Billboard singles charts: reported playlists from radio stations airing the format as well as sales data submitted by record stores.By the early 1990s, automatic song detection and barcode sales information had begun to be the norm for most of the Billboard charts, although by this time the AC chart was based entirely on radio airplay and no longer incorporated retail sales reports.In 1964, the name changed again, this time to Pop-Standard Singles.After alternating the name of this chart twice more in less than a year, Easy Listening was again chosen as the chart name in 1965 when the change in compilation occurred.

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Plus the Sienna offers all-wheel drive, which is a must-have in less consistently temperate climes.Don't get us wrong, as this is still a minivan, but this Honda's recently retuned suspension makes it feel much less like a behemoth around corners.And though the Odyssey can be pricier than its competitors, its user-friendly elements like an easy-to-stow third-row seat and versatile second-row seating (which can be configured to accommodate up to three child seats) make it the minivan we recommend the most.And we should know, since we've spent the better part of a year getting to know one in our long-term fleet.Though the Quest only seats seven (compared to the available eight-passenger seating of most of its rivals) and has less cargo space than competitors, it delivers a higher level of driver engagement and stand-out styling.

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