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Also raids are really hard, especially because everyone has been nerfed from 80 to 85, hit wise, dps wise and gear wise, numbers are completely different and you have to start from scratch, also a new stat has been introduced Mastery, in which you gain certain things depend on your class/spec combination for example more fire dmg as a fire mage, the more Mastery you have (just an example) and things like Defense (worked out in talents) Attack power, Spell power and Armor Penetration have been removed for the greater good it keeps the game more simpel and direct, at least number wise..Not even that but raids demand more tactics, focus and preparation.World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is the game I'm talking about of course.Being a big fan of the series I pre-ordered this baby on and was online in less then 1 hour after the launch time.You get send down in the middle with a flying mount, where you enter an underground area, called Deepholm.This is a very earthen place, very epic and again very unique.The badge or emblem system has been revamped, you now get points instead, which has a cap.

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Every new zone has a new faction to get exalted with, with unique rewards.Thus again, you really want to be in a nice guild with friends.You now can do 10 or 25 man, while receiving the same loot ( less quantity in 10man) and the same achievements.This is why the first 20 or so quests involve you trying to earn a seahorse on which you can ride later on and use as a super fast underwater mount (450% speed).As soon as you hit 81-82 you get send to Deepholm which is in the Maelstrom, yes if you ever wondered if you would ever get to see that area, you will in this expansion.

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