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Eight or ten days passed before the authorities there in Zipser launched a legal inquiry into the matter.

This deformed creature has a crown-rump length of three feet [~90cm] and, when placed upon its feet, is about two feet tall.

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This strange animal was stuffed by a local businessman, and it was also painted by Johann Müller, an artist from the nearby town of Leutschau.

Some of these cases seem fairly well attested, in particular the following, which appeared in a medical journal.

In 1827, an article describing a cow-human hybrid, born alive, appeared in the May-June issue of Magazin der ausländischen Literatur der gesammten Heilkunde (Schreter 1827, pp. The Magazin, published by two Hamburg physicians, Nikolaus Heinrich Julius (1783-1862) and Georg Hartog Gerson (1788-1844), was a German medical periodical anthologizing foreign literature of interest to doctors.

It is pronounced a wonder by those who have seen it. The next case is especially remarkable in that it involves a fully viable specimen that supposedly survived for more than a year. 2), a newspaper published in Butler, Missouri: John Griessen, a farmer living near Sedalia [a town in Missouri about 100 miles east of Kansas City], is the owner of a young calf whose head greatly resembles that of a human.

The report appeared in the Butler Weekly Times (Jan. The calf was born August 28, 1906, and was Lilliputian in size, its head and face bearing likeness to a human.

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