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As a candidate for the Scottish Conservatives at the 2014 European elections, Duncan sat on three committees of the European Parliament - the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety and the Committee on Fisheries.

He was the European Parliament's Rapporteur on post 2020 reforms to the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme.

Thereafter he was appointed Clerk to the Parliament's European Committee and EU Advisor to the Parliament, he resigned from his position in 2013 to pursue candidacy for the upcoming European elections with the Scottish Conservatives, following Struan Stevenson's announcement that he would not seek re-election.He led the NFL in interceptions and punt return yards in 1962.Wood finished his 12 NFL seasons with 48 interceptions, which he returned for 699 yards and two touchdowns.They tend to be very family-oriented and have strong connections across generations and with extended family, reflective of their belief that families can be sealed together beyond death.Mormons also have a strict law of chastity, requiring abstention from sexual relations outside heterosexual marriage and fidelity within marriage.

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