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If a player is thrown out of a game and the rule is they sit out the next day, it is the coaches and schools job to see to it that it is carried out.

Services include Pegs House, a free, safe and confidential 24 Hour residential emergency shelter for victims and families of domestic/sexual violence, counseling for adults and children, psychiatric assessment and case management, court advocacy for victims of domestic violence or sexual assault, and domestic violence/sexual abuse offender intervention programs.The other night I got tired of watching basketball after about four hours of watching and turned it to the last several minutes of the Victoria Secret program. There were maybe a dozen girls marching back and forth on what they call the runway.All this time a girl was singing a song which I was unable to understand any of the words. Seems as most had on as little as possible so no secret.Call the insurance company, sometimes the tow truck.I have nothing in it however I do not think it should ever happen.

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