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Sites that offer commentary on traveling and living the good life abroad like A Farang Abroad and Dime Travel praise the city as rife with sexual opportunity.“Hong Kong is a mongering Mecca!Not only do you have whores, but great restaurants, bars, night markets and many sites worth seeing.” These are the words of popular Single Mans author who refers to himself as “Brockstar” in his reviews of various cities and countries based on the ease with which one can procure sexual experiences.Readers are welcome to use the 3,000 seats and 500 computer workstations inside HKCL for on-the-spot enjoyment of our collections.Lending Collections We have set up three lending libraries to satisfy the needs and interests of children, teenagers and adults respectively.A 2016 Amnesty International report criticizing Hong Kong law states “police are mandated to reduce or eradicate sex work,” through laws condemning solicitation, “living off the proceeds of prostitution,” and running a “vice establishment.”The Hong Kong Police Public Relations Duty Officer stands by the enforcement of these laws, stating that “the primary objectives of police enforcement actions are to prevent exploitation of others for the purposes of prostitution, combat organized vice activities, and lessen the nuisance to members of the public that vice activities may cause.The targets of police actions are people who control sex workers for prostitution and keep vice establishments, instead of sex workers, unless the latter are involved in other offenses such as ‘soliciting for an immoral purpose in public places’ or ‘breaching the conditions of stay.’” These laws may have been conceived of to protect sex workers, but their negative effects have rendered them outdated according to Zi Teng, a prominent Hong Kong rights group for sex workers.Her cloudy contacts match the dreamlike, opaque lighting in the room behind her. She shyly smiles, then apologizes, explaining that she does not think her boss would approve.

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Special Collections The 11 special collections being kept in Hong Kong Central Library comprise of a wide variety of reference materials mainly related to Hong Kong, including books, periodicals and newspapers, celebrities' correspondences, manuscripts, maps, photographs, music scores, opera scripts, archival documents, microforms, audio-visual materials and digital files, covering the subjects of local history, philosophy, literature, art, education, society, economy, folklore, etc.

Rare books and out-of-print publications are not uncommon.

Besides, we have set up special reference libraries to cater to the needs of different readers.

They include the Current Newspapers and Periodicals Reading Area, Back Issues Reading Area, Map Library, Hong Kong Literature Room and Arts Resource Centre, etc.

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