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Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) attended the thank you event for the film, When Sun Meets Moon (某日某月) on 10th June 2018.She revealed that her husband, Moses Chan (陳豪讚) praised her for crying well in one particular scene within one take: “Perhaps I become emotional after becoming a mother.” Aimee hoped to try different role characters including whore but resist to act as a couple with Moses and filming intimate scenes depended on the script.As to whether she has issues doing intimate scenes with men other than her husband, Aimee said that she has no qualms with it as long as the scene is a necessary part of the story."My husband is an actor too. However, when asked if she watched Moses' love scenes in past dramas and films, Aimee admitted that she wouldn't dare watch them."If I see him kissing another woman, I'm afraid that it wouldn't be comfortable to me.I respect his career, but at the same time, I am also his wife," she said.However, Bernice fell out of TVB’s favor after her relationship with rich heir, Alastair Lam (林忠豪), went public. TVB is currently suffering from a streak of low viewership ratings, and the press mentioned that Bernice had left the station at just the right time.Bernice said, “I’m not familiar with [TVB’s] ratings, because they don’t broadcast in mainland, but I’m very happy with my [career’s] direction right now.” Bernice’s ex-boyfriend Moses Chan, who is dating TVB colleague Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), hinted in an earlier interview that he plans to tie the knot with Aimee very soon.Former TVB artist Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) took a few days off from her hectic film schedule in mainland China to attend a press conference by Milon Wine in Hong Kong.Bernice was asked to comment on her struggling former employer, TVB, as well as former flame, Moses Chan (陳豪).

When I was still in TVB, I never had the chance to work with Wong He (王喜) or Yuen Wah (元華), but now that I’m working in mainland, I actually have the opportunity to work with more of our Hong Kong actors!

Aimee said: “Moses is an actor who understands professionalism and will not object to kissing scenes.

An In-Series Nickname is not a Fan Nickname, although it can frequently be used as such. If done enough this may overlap with Accidental Misnaming or Only Known by Their Nickname.

The beauty queen joined TVB after winning the 2001 Miss Chinese International pageant in a stellar victory.

Bernice shot to fame after starring in the acclaimed sitcom, Virtues of Harmony , and was once placed on the list as the highest-earning TVB artist due to her lucrative endorsement offers.

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