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Apart from his entrepreneurial skills in running the two night clubs in NYC, Lenny Kravitz possesses outstanding performance skills on stage.

Florida room club and bar located on the South Beach of Florida is among the most exquisite hip clubs in Miami.

I can not even begin to explain how grateful and lucky I am to have the friends that I do. A good friend accepts you for who you are, even when you’re being a butthead.

To be honest with you, I don’t have a great number of friends, but the couple wonderful friends that I do have, I know are true. There are MANY things that make a good friend, and those are just a few.

In New York City, Lenny Kravitz, a popular American record producer, actor and singer-songwriter, owns two clubs namely the Florida Room.

A disk jockey would entertain the guests from one corner of the club and the dance floor never stayed empty for long and especially with young guests around, finding a dancing spot seemed impossible.They are always there for me, no matter what is going on in my life or I what am going through. But a friend is the best thing you can have, and the best thing you can be.Knowing I have good friends is a wonderful feeling, and being a good friend is an even better feeling. Some of these celebrities include among others, Mary Kate Olsen and Marilyn Manson meaning the club attracts the high and mighty in the entertainment industry and the corporate world.As mentioned earlier, Lenny Kravitz owned a club known as Kos that closed down some years back.

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