Now I’m the only one in my group dating so I don’t have that community to commiserate/exchange stories with, so maybe that’s why dating feels more like a chore. My friendships, hobbies, and career goals go on unaffected so I think it’s no harm, no foul.Once a guy leaves my life, my life fills in the gap fairly quickly.Don't see why I shouldn't move on from such crap. If someone wants to date me and I want to date them, then yes, the combination of those two factors add up to us dating.Sometimes I want to date someone who doesn't want to date me.When she ended things she said she was in a distance relationship before and didn't want to do it again (then why were we a thing?

Over summer she was super into me and stressed how she wanted this, and was worried I'd move on, so it broke my heart as it got worse with each week.Now this person I cared so much about isn't who she was and everything was basically a lie and I'll never hear from her again 😧I have a hard time making female friends so I think I do it to avoid being lonely:(My relationships do last a long time because again, fear of being alone.My current SO breaks my heart constantly because he’s so unemotional (recently discovered he has Aspbergers) and so dismissive of my needs.She was smart and is overall sweet, but after talking to a friend recently it sounds like she's very selfish, immature, goes from guy to guy while leading others on and is nothing like she portrays herself, she's fake.Little details would change or new ones would be brought up as she grew distant.

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