Am dating my teacher

You know it well that best way to educate is to teach. Please come and guide other youths in love on this site and it will help you tremendously. Men of that age take a lot of pride in getting physical with young girls. So please be careful with where you two are going to.It strokes their ego that he will be the first man of your sex life and he can coax you in every which way to do things that please him on bed. You may have had long and lasting conversations of your future and marriage, but it is all done to please you. Men know how to talk sweetly and sweep young girls off their feet.They found one hardware engineer, but later known to be just a mechanic and assembling parts and having already a wife and thus relation could not be matured.

Her family is finding difficulty to get a suitable match for her.Hope, you both will light a lamp of humanity together in the darkness of communalism by spreading the message ‘Ekam Sadviprah Bahudha Vadanti’(Scholars describe the same God in various ways – the Vedas). However, we strongly advise you to completely understand complexities of Hindu-Muslim marriages. Her parents and relatives in small number too joined us on that occasion. We look forward to hearing from you regarding your marriage. You read Hindu man and ask her to read Muslim girl articles. I have married my muslim GF, who was faculty in Management institute as per Aryasamaj rules and marriage got registered. Clearly discuss out how your children will be taught about religion. Understand that Hindu-Muslim marriage is like mixing milk and yogurt, considering Islam is an exclusivist while Hinduism could be pluralist religions and there are many conflicting teachings in them. Another important point, learn from mistakes of others rather than making mistakes for yourself.

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