Am dating wrong guy

Beginnings are important and endings are quite revelatory.

However, if you give yourself enough time between relationships, you can learn how to listen for what I call “trigger lines”; flags that emerge from the very beginning.

If a person wants to be in a serious relationship with you, they will say it.

That said, if you pay more attention to what you want something to be than what it actually is, if you romanticize situations instead of looking at the cold, hard facts, you will probably find yourself dating the same person over and over again. Besides, there are studies which indicate that sex creates a kind of euphoria that can make you think there is a stronger connection simply due to the physical attachment. When you don’t allow yourself time to heal from the pain that you experienced, you will find yourself trying to get someone to fill some of your internal voids rather than someone who will ultimately complement who you are as a whole human being.

If a man is always telling you that emotionally, you tend to move too fast or a woman is always telling you you’re too intense, that’s definitely something to ponder.

One thing most of the guys in my past told me was I wasn’t clear about what I wanted. I being vague; and so I continued attracting guys who weren’t exactly sure how they felt about me or what they wanted from or with me.

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