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Good to share with anyone you know who might believe the above. Is a Wild Time When Teens Live in Cities Don concisely debunks each of these misconceptions, which you can read here.The last two on the list are of a more recent vintage, or have at least been popularized (or fabricated) in recent times.These two may hold fast for awhile, given the success of Amish-themed reality shows which are casual about reality.Are there any other groups of people who have been similarly mythologized?

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Donald Kraybill has a new article out on six other, I would say more widely-held, myths about the Amish. For example, the Amish were predicted to go extinct decades ago.

Because They Refuse to Cooperate with Police, an Amish Mafia Protects Them6.

People I talk to today are sometimes surprised to hear they are growing rapidly.

Should progressives and radicals rally behind the call for the introduction of a universal basic income? Polychroniou: Globalization is usually referred to as a process of interaction and integration among the economies and people of the world through international trade and foreign investment with the aid of information technology.

How do we deal with the growing levels of inequality and massive economic insecurity?

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