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Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Challenger Approaching! SPECIAL MOVES----------------------------------------Neutral Special – PINK TYPHOON - Amy will take out her Piko Piko Hammer and hold it to her body and perform a spin on the tips of her toes and as she completes the spin, swing the Piko Piko Hammer creating a Pink Typhoon that swirls forward made up of pink winds and pink hearts that deal racking DMG and push foes away.

foes can also be struck by the Piko Piko Hammer when Amy swings it dealing DMG and bigger knock back than the Pink Typhoon.

This Special Move has a slow start up leaving Amy vulnerable however.

The Pink Typhoon whirlwind also passes through foes and will eventually dissipate.

DMG: 18% (Piko Piko Hammer) 3%-19% (Pink Typhoon)Side Special – VAULTING HAMMER - Amy will slam the Piko Piko Hammer down leaving a trail of pink hearts in its wake.

Big will use his fishing pole as his team mate will hop upwards in a spinball, Big will knock them forward using his fishing pole as a club these projectile-like team mates will home in on foes and deal DMG and knock back. the ship moves in a clockwise pattern but lingers at the "12-o'clock" point for a short time to allow extra platforms. Her Dress will become green, and the stripe at the bottom will become orange.

when the FS time is up, Team Rose will come together to unleash their Team Blast: Flower Festival Amy and Cream roll around on top of Big's Umbrella then all three strike a pose while cheese tosses flower petals around them- suddenly a big explosion of flowers erupt behind them dealing Knock Back and flower status to foes in range at this point Big and Cream vanish leaving Amy alone once again. STAGE MUSIC TRACKS---------------------------------1 - Pleasure Castle - Sonic Adventure [ORIGINAL]2 - Twinkle Cart - Sonic Adventure [ORIGINAL]3 - Flying Carpet ~ Back to Soul - Sonic The Fighters [ORIGINAL]4 - VS Team Battle - Sonic Heroes [ORIGINAL]5 - Starlight Carnival Act 2 - Sonic Colors [ORIGINAL]6 - My Sweet Passion - Sonic Adventure [ORIGINAL]7 - Staition Square - Sonic Adventure [ORIGINAL]SIDE NOTES------------------------------------------ENTRANCE - Amy will put a hand above her eyes as if searching for something..SOMEONE she then realizes where she is and pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer and enters fighter stance. Her boots will become blue while the stripes will become orange.

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Her dress will turn magenta, and her boots become light gray, and the stripes disappear again, and her quills become a orangeish yellow, her headband also becomes magenta.Vaulting Hammer will propel Amy forward in an arc DMG: 8% (Head Stomp)Down Special – MAIDEN'S GIFT - Amy will drop a Gift- and by "gift" I mean a bunch of explosives wrapped up quite nicely.the Maiden's Gift works in one of two ways, either on contact or after a set amount of time has gone by the gift will explode dealing DMG and knock back to foes.The force of the Piko Piko Hammer striking an object, foe or platform will catapult Amy into the air.if Amy connects with a foe she will leap onto their heads and hop off of them dealing DMG and a meteor effect to foes.

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