An adult chatroulette at roads videos

Just the day before "Rainy Day Fund" dropped, their awesome ad team released a dramatic trailer for a fictional reverse-mortgage-themed movie.

View Now It's an incredible story — an injured stray dog is rescued by a biker, brought to an animal emergency center and promptly adopted into a loving home.

It looks like the bird didn't think that was funny...

View Now Lil Billy has had several adventures and we love all of them.

Well, you were wrong because our pals from Yes Theory finally got to meet the Fresh Prince Will Smith himself!

He met with the guys to confirm that yes, the Heli-Bungee jump is definitely happening, and we can't wait.

That's why Nikki Charnstrom founded the website "Crowned Chics" with the goal to empower women.

After years living with cerebral palsy, this inspiring kid's wise beyond her years...

and Integrity 1st Mortgage has kissed boring commercial breaks goodbye.

The Haddad family always does a lip sync battle every year, and dad Steve really wanted to win.

Together with his two daughters, performed to Beyoncé's "Single Ladies," black leotards and all. It's known as one of the most romantic movies ever, so you would think that acting out the "The Notebook" would make people swoon!

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