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Well, maybe you as an entrepreneur shouldn’t spend time doing your financials for investors.Maybe you can go to Toptal and hire one of their MBAs, one of their management consultants to do the financials for you, to create your pitch deck for you so you can explain your business right without having to spend hours on the financials and living in spreadsheets.They just want to do the right job and get it done right. There’s a special URL that they created for us to give us a discount on their pricing. And we don’t think about television advertising as online entrepreneurs. I want to tell people about my second sponsor, which is a company called Toptal.It’s called–and if you’re listening to me, you’ve got to write this down. For years I’ve been telling people about Toptal being the place to go hire a great developer, but yesterday I talked to this guy, Raj, whose company was acquired by Toptal.So the answer to not have those mistakes and not have those headaches but still get the points that drive us as entrepreneurs is to use Bench. How do you know that the matches are working out the way you imagined? The concept of Attractive World is that you need to get accepted by the community to use the website. There were a lot of events organized by the community. So the conversion rate was very high and the lifetime value was very high as well. After we make people pay, we make people pay and we saw that the conversion rate was very good.

Today he’s working on an app called Shapr, which I have access to right here. So it was very difficult for us to find a very nice apartment with my friends. I don’t understand why more French people don’t quit and go start companies. It’s time to go and get somebody to build this for you. Who did you go find to create the first version of the software for you? Some of my friends, they were laughing at me when I told them I wanted to create a website because they told me I even don’t know how to have internet in my apartment. I think even at that point, I’m pretty sure you could have just bought or licensed someone else’s software and said, “I’m just going to take software that already exists. We hired 70 people who were walking on the streets of Paris and said, “Okay, Attractive World is a new very selective website and we are selecting the first 1,000 founder members.” So, we made the launch offline and it created a lot of buzz. So we select them and we were checking our complete profile because we wanted people involved in the community. Afterwards when we launched the website, when we opened the website, it was the community which selected the new members. Afterwards, from what I understand, after this launch, if someone new wanted to apply to be a part of the network, they ask to be included and then other members have to accept them and only when they’re accepted by other members can they then have opportunities to date people. But people were more patient because it was not like now.

These people who walked around and tried to solicit, were they like–when I came out of the train this morning, there was a man handing out little leaflets about the local gym.

How are we scoring this week, this month, this year compared to last week, last month, last year?

And how was he able to build something up and sell it? He is the founder of Attractive World, which is a French dating site that was acquired by Affinitas, a German company. For example, when we started it, we didn’t invest in marketing online on Google, for example. What did you use to figure out who the right people were? We wanted people who were very trendy, influencers.

I’m hoping I’m pronouncing his French name well enough. The way I sought the positioning and the way we launched Attractive World was very different from the other websites. You can sign up and after one month, you will know if you’re accepted as a founder member or not. So they told me that I should make something more serious for them. When you had 5,000 people apply, roughly, and 1,000 get accepted, you’re rejecting 80% of the people who want to be part of your network based on what?

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