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In our outlet for brand and designer eyewear, you will find a huge selection of sunglasses from Ray-Ban, Oakley, Gucci, Pradar, Tom Ford, among others.Thanks to the practical filter function on our web site, sunglasses for women are separated from the sunglasses for men, which makes our wide range easily accessible.Monocle explores #Biennale Archittettura2018 finding the Finnish Talli Architecture & Design's "Tila" featured at and many other interesting #Freespace's. More information about Talli at @la_Biennale:… The restoration of the National Library of Finland has received a special mention in 2018 EU Prize for Cultural Heritage and Europa Nostra Awards:…Juhani Pallasmaa: "Architecture is a mediation between the world and our minds" @Arch Daily @Louisiana Chann Lecture "Stratifications - Memory, Experience and Imagination" on June 11th @Aalto University . WGYSVTZ37 "The public library has a special place in Finnish hearts as well as the country’s cities and suburbs." @Tash Reith Banks captures #Mind Building at #Biennale Architettura2018. "As well as pushing the envelope in regard to architectural skill and style, Finnish libraries have an impressive record of being at the forefront of cultural progress and new thinking." #Mind Building featured in @CNNStyle today! "[Spanish, Belgian, Dutch]; and the Finnish (the most informative of the four with an excellent display of their commitment to building libraries – ‘freespaces’ for cultural absorption especially during the dark winters)." @Arch Review #Mind Building @ben_derbyshire @la_Biennale…Yesterday #Mind Building was unveiled at the Pavilion of Finland by @Vapaavuori, the Mayor of Helsinki.Tomorrow @la_Biennale will open for six months for people to learn about ideas and architecture from around the world, discuss #Free Space and explore Finnish #libraries on show! Countdown to the start of #Biennale Architettura2018.

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The @Th Venice Insider's #architecturebiennalepavilion of today is #Finland with #Mind Building!

#finnisharchitecture @Venice Arch FIN @la_Biennale… Our love for #libraries has been noted in @guardiancities!

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