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of August 1980, in Finsbury Park, North London, England, Angel Coulby is a 37-year-old Afro-English actress, perhaps best known for her significant screen presence in the role of Guinevere ‘Gwen’ Pendragon in the famous BBC TV fantasy series entitled “Merlin”.She had had a number of other roles in a variety of films and TV shows over the course of her career, which has been active in the often lucrative acting business since 2001.

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Still, it is a fact that she matriculated, since in her teen years she moved over to Edinburgh to pursue an acting career, which she started by attending the Queen Margaret University studying drama, from where she graduated with a major in acting in 2001.

Additionally, during her student years, Angel was already involved in various local plays, all of which helped establish herself as an actress.

Upon graduation Angel, made her TV screen debut in 2001, portraying the lesser role of Awassa Tact in an episode of the TV series entitled “Scariest Places on Earth.” Although not very noticeable, it was this role that helped her land the next slightly larger one, as Shiv in four episodes of “’Orrible” in the same year.

Through 20, she had several more screen appearances, but it wasn’t until 2004 that her career really took wing, at which point she obtained multi-episode roles in three shows, although one of them was only two episodes long, including in “As If” and “Conviction”.

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