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Ours is just beginning, and will, perhaps, run for many a year yet.on Wednesday, 18 July 2018 at 11.00 am by Peter Owen categorised as Opinion A Place to Belong: Disability and the Church “Watch stories of people with disabilities in the Church of England – and their perspectives on how churches can make sure everyone can participate in church life.” Three short films were commissioned for a disability conference at Lambeth Palace hosted by the Archbishop of Canterbury Tim Wyatt Synod – Reasons to be Cheerful (Pt 1): the secret to a contented flock Synod – Reasons to be Cheerful (Pt 2): inclusion is the fruit of evangelism Colin Coward Unadulterated Love Christian LGBTI Equality – a strategy for change 0 Comments on Sunday, 15 July 2018 at 5.18 pm by Simon Sarmiento categorised as Church of England, Safeguarding A group of abuse survivors and their supporters are seeking £3000 to publish a dynamic collaborative book speaking to the Church of England.The Bishop of Dallas, George Sumner, has issued a letter to his clergy. that the Bishop of Oxford, Steven Croft has permitted former archbishop George Carey to resume public ministry.Her report is headlined George Carey allowed church role despite part in abuse cover-up.If we look at the sort of Church that Michael Fabricant is envisioning, it is a Church without any foundation at all, except the vagaries of public opinion.

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In the same newspaper, the devout and passionate Andrea Minichiello Williams makes a convincing case for Christian tradition.

Catholics cannot be smug about this, for the same pressures that afflict the Anglicans are now being brought to bear on us.

Those who are proposing change need to be confronted with the question of authority and challenged to show us where in Scripture, where in the Magisterium, and where in the Tradition is there anything that can be used to justify communion for those living in irregular unions.

They would have a hard task to find any useful evidence for their position.

Moreover, they have advanced no argument of merit, as far as I can see, that suggests that change in this matter is desirable or necessary.

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    According to UNICEF, the percentage of non-trained and professionally unqualified teachers is nearly 19 percent of the total government teacher population.