Anita marks dating

This proves to be detrimental to Richard and Jean-Claude in (Obsidian Butterfly), where she learns from a powerful vampire in New Mexico that it weakens all three of them.

In the first novel (Guilty Pleasures) Anita receives her first marks from the vampire Jean-Claude and begins to gain advanced healing powers and abilities.Anita Blake was born with the power of necromancy, a power that she inherited from her grandmother.Her mother died in a car accident when Anita was 8, which greatly impacted her throughout her childhood and adult years.When Anita was 10, her father remarried after her mother's death to Judith, whom Anita often clashed with over her powers and differences.Anita could 'see' ghosts, and raised her dead pet dog and even road kill, to her, her father and step-mothers dismay.

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