Apco oil liquidating trust

A year later Grant Supply moved into Canada, establishing a subsidiary in Calgary, Canada, called Grant Corporations Ltd.To organize his slate of businesses, in 1975 Grant established Grant Corporations, a Houston-based holding company.His next step came in 1978 with the launch of a finishing and processing plant for pipe and tube named Tubular Finishing Works Inc. Five years later TFW expanded by opening a plant in Bastrop, Texas.Although for two decades Grant Supply had been able to succeed in the highly cyclical oil industry, in the early 1980s the company expanded too rapidly in response to strong demand for its products and took on an excessive amount of debt.

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Pluspetrol is based in Argentina, where Apco has interests in nine oil and gas concessions and two exploration permits.The transaction must be approved by two-thirds of Apco shareholders.WPX, which owns a 69 percent controlling equity interest in Apco, supports the merger agreement.This segment serves both land and offshore drilling operations.Tubular Technology and Services offers a complete line of premium connections and related premium tubular products and accessories for use in harsh conditions associated with gas wells, offshore wells, and other wells subject to high temperatures, high pressure, or difficult environmental conditions.

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