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When Sam realizes that he may have lost Andy for good, he pours his heart out, just before getting shot in the station.The finale ends with Sam on the operating table, Andy by his side. Andy was hurt in an explosion in the season 5 finale when retrieving some evidence, consequently breaking her ribs. Season 6 starts with Andy and Sam returning from Oliver's cabin after a 3 week leave following the bombing.Erin's iconic Dundies break-up was the perfect way to end this awful relationship. In some ways, they were perfect for each other in the sense that they are literally insane.But how many times did these two have to break up and get back together before they realized they were not meant to be?They still didn't learn their lesson in the very end, when they ran off into the sunset together: Ryan, abandoning his BABY, and Kelly abandoning her incredibly handsome doctor boyfriend.Sure, Angela and Robert met in a really cute way during Dwight's Hay Carnival.So Andy is the most positive person on the job—because she knows first-hand where the job can take you, and she doesn’t want to go there.

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After ignoring her calls for weeks, Sam tries to repair the relationship when Andy finds herself in a life and death situation.

While it seems that Sam is immediately conflicted, and realizes that Andy didn't leave for undercover because she no longer has feelings for him, it looks like he may crack, but he continues his relationship with Cruz.

When Andy realizes that Sam is no longer an option for her, she finds herself involved with Nick Collins, who has made it clear that he has true feelings for Andy, which jeopardizes her friendship with Nick's ex, Gail Peck.

So he wasn't a good boyfriend and he wasn't supportive of Pam's art, but he did have his sweet moments.

She is the ultimate rescuer and enabler, but quickly learns that she can't save the world because not everyone wants to be saved.

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