Aries man dating aries woman

An Aries man loves a challenge so much that it is likely that he will make up his own challenges throughout his lifetime.He may even try to compete against himself as well as with others.

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Even though the Aries man can usually keep his self-confidence relatively high, he sometimes needs encouragement from his friends or partner to keep his ego as high as he likes it.

Are Gemini woman Aries man a good match mentally, emotionally and sexually?

When the airy Gemini woman connects with a fiery Aries man, the sparks they create turn into a full-blown blaze very quickly.

An Aries guy won’t be bothered if friends and romance try to flee him because he is confident in his abilities to get them back.

An Aries man’s traits will make it hard for him in finding a partner who understands him.

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