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There's no actual error being generated, just that damn message when closing a profession frame!I've tried leaving the profession frame open for 10 minutes, then closing it, guess what? How much time does Armory need to read and save profession data?The best thing to do in this case is file a ticket. You can use the same credentials as on other Curse Network websites. If you like to express your appreciation for the effort that has been put into Armory (and keep me awake to be able to maintain it), press the donate button and buy me a cup of coffee. For using Armory and keeping me inspired by providing positive feedback. Who made a donation so I can keep my subscription active (I hardly play Wo W anymore). Who translated Armory to make it easier for non-English speaking players.For those interested: I drink black, extra dark roast. And finally the members of the Neighbours guild (Pluis! Just wondering if this Addon is still being updated.

Message: Interface\Add Ons\Armory\Core\Armory Db Entry.lua:163: attempt to index local 'db' (a string value)Time: 11/09/17 Count: 1Stack: Interface\Add Ons\Armory\Core\Armory Db Entry.lua:163: attempt to index local 'db' (a string value)[C]: ?Interface\Add Ons\Armory\Core\Armory Db Entry.lua:163: in function `Set Value'Interface\Add Ons\Armory\Core\Armory Gear Sets.lua:75: in function `Update Gear Sets'...erface\Add Ons\Armory\Frames\Armory Paper Doll Frame.lua:1992: in function `Armory Gear Sets_Update'...erface\Add Ons\Armory\Frames\Armory Paper Doll Frame.lua:1843: in function `func'...nterface\Add Ons\Armory\Core\Armory Command Handler.lua:182: in function `Execute'...nterface\Add Ons\Armory\Core\Armory Command Handler.lua:122: in function `On Timer Update'...nterface\Add Ons\Armory\Core\Armory Command Handler.lua:49: in function " message, sometimes 2 or 3 times in a row when closing the same profession frame!I always close the profession frame with the "Exit" button in the lower right, but still that message pops!Data is saved when you close the profession window so it doesn't matter how long you keep it open.Sometimes, not for everyone and not every time, the API returns no data (blame Blizzard) and Armory just checks for that case and warns you because otherwise you think Armory has been updated and it hasn't.

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