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A privacy curtain could address both her needs and other students’ concerns, the Education Department said — as long as other girls are also allowed to change behind the curtain, if they choose.A word that comes up frequently in discussions about access to bathrooms is ‘‘accommodate,’’ and it is a telling one.The difference between a standard IOL and the Crystalens is it can treat both a person’s cataracts and presbyopia, or loss of near and intermediate vision.It does so by recreating accommodation similar to your eye’s natural lens.‘‘It implies a two-way street,’’ says Mara Keisling, co-founder and director of the National Center for Transgender Equality.

It can be a word of welcome and hospitality coming from a concierge or maître d’.

They’re fundamentally fraught spaces, where we undress and obey the dictates of our bodies and therefore feel vulnerable.

If people think you’ve confused male and female and walked through the wrong door, you risk discomfort, or even real trouble.

Many people viscerally resist the idea of mixing male and female anatomy in multistall bathrooms and locker rooms.

In Houston earlier this month, voters rejected a broad equal rights ordinance that protected against discrimination in housing and employment, as well as public spaces, on the basis of several categories, including age and race along with sexual orientation and gender identity.

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