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Asian Dating (formerly Asian Euro) is the main Asian-focused site for the Cupid Media network.What is unique about this network is that it shares a user database with several dozen other niche dating sites, such as Chinese Love Links, Filipina Heart, Japan Cupid, Singapore Love Links, Thai Love Links, and Vietnam Cupid.For those of Asian descent looking for a date, love, or just connecting online, there's sure to be a site here for you.

About Asian Friendly is the best free Asian dating site with many new members joining everyday.Another company that ties into a larger database (Successful Match), Asian Women Date (formerly Asian Chats) has a few unique features that few other Asian dating sites offer, such as greeting cards, news relevant to Asians, and several verification options to allow users to prove their income, age, education, and occupation.What really makes this site stand out is the focus on interracial, heterosexual relationships only: Asian women and non-Asian men.However, there are also women from Thailand, China, Malaysia, and other Asian countries.You will need to register and create an account to be able to use any of the features and interact with other member profiles.

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