Asiandating com scams

For detailed information about how these sister sites operate please see our earlier article titled "Speaking of Scams, How About Asian @anonymous8681 "are you aware of any libel lawsuits" A case for defamation or libel in my view, exists only where no genuine case exists, ie where the claims levelled against them are frivolous or malicious in intent.

More on Asian (Asian,, AForeign (Love, Gaga and many other Asian and Chinese scam sites coming up soon.

To die for liable they would hv to show that John's words were untrue.

They wont be able to so this and they will certainly not wish to make this public as they are obviously trying to hide their past identity. I came to the conclusion early that the site is operated by use of simple psychology to trap men and perhaps women into parting with money ASAP.

OK, so try to arrange a meeting with the girls - I bet you ANYTHING YOU LIKE that they are 'not available' for the dates you will be in China - GUARANTEED !

The fact that this web-site has 'reinvented itself' using a different name smacks of GUILT in my opinion Blogs such as Johns have begun to take effect and in a desperate attempt to continue in business, they have changed their name - but whatever they call themselves now or in the future makes no difference THEY ARE A SCAM SITE AND SHOULD BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS!

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