Asiandating com scams

Married to a lovely Chinese Lady and living in China, John knows and respects China, Chinese Women, Chinese People and Chinese Culture.His blog will include good stuff about Online Dating, Chinese Women, International Relationships and Things Chinese.Then we’ll branch out to their sister sites in other cultural niches.Sooner or later, maybe Google and the others will finally wake up if we just keep talking about it.If credit card companies, processors and payment venues such as Visa and Mastercard and Paypal and countless others are going to continue to willfully accept commissions to assist these sites to profit from their fraudulent activities then likewise they have become part of the problem and not part of the solution.Are these companies simply turning a blind eye to, and therefore willfully profiting from, these obvious criminal activities of countless dating sites like Asian Date (aka Asian Beauties)?So I started to do a little bit of investigating and the more I saw, the more reminded I was of the above mentioned humorous attack on lawyers. I mean it’s funny that anyone could come up with this crap.

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I am still suspicious, but that isn't a bad thing is it? 我注册在这里 (I registered I read the blog, blog to read the following reply, also benefit not shallow.

Therefore there is no problem here in naming and shaming these criminals.

Before anyone accuses John of just having "sour grapes" because he owns a dating web-site, let me clarify that ALL of his points are valid and that sites such as Asian Beauties (or whatever they call themselves today) along with Chn Love (and others) should be banned from the internet I am not certain that search engines actually have the power or facility to do anything about it - so I guess much of it is about word-of-mouth and education Sadly though, while that takes place, many hundreds (or thousands) of innocent people are being scammed Take a look at Asian Beauties / Asian Date and look at the girls on there - do you think they are REAL ?

But I didn’t mind because it really is a way for people to make fun of lawyers that does no harm to anyone.

Everybody loves to hate lawyers, but there generally remains an underlying respect for the fact that without the best lawyers, the truly gifted and honorable ones, the world today would be a harsher and much less free world than it is. The line was “Liar, Lawyer – What’s the Difference”. It has recently been brought to my attention that Asian has changed its stripes and is now disguising itself as both Asian and Asia

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