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If you find the specific guide is not released yet, please check back in a few days.

We only release the guide after testing it in a few Galaxy S5 devices to make sure it really works.

But I always come back to Pine because: 2006-Aug-20: Mulberry is now free/gratis and version 4.0.5 has been released.

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This problem was fixed in Pine 3.92, which was released on 18 March 1996, but As discussed in this August-2003 thread in the pine-info mailing list, this problem re-appeared in Pine version 4.56 and is still present in the latest version of Pine (4.64).If a Pine user replied to this message, Pine asked if she wanted to post her reply to the newsgroup(s).Unfortunately, many newsreaders, including tin, trn, and nn, include the Newsgroups header in a message that is sent only via email.Any archived mail message that contains a Newsgroups header and did not pass through one of these, or similar, Procmail recipes will be vulnerable to this problem.Pine's main strengths are that 1) it's a great IMAP client and 2) it's a great non-GUI mail client.

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