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For this reason (and owing to the Third Party ownership rules), I suspect the only way QTA could make this work would be to pay PSG around £70m a year as additional 'sponsorship'.PSG would then buy Neymar on a 5 year deal from Barcelona.The transaction would be captured under the RPT rules and a fair value applied to the transaction (i.e. See extract of the rules: 3b seems to capture this scenario.Interestingly, if PSG purchase Neymar’s contract in the standard manner, the transfer fee would be ‘amortised’ over the life of the contract.Neymar’s likely transfer to PSG clearly raises a number of FFP issues.

Of course the club will attract some additional genuine sponsorship and might be able to make some trading profit on player trading.Crucially, this harmonisation of the rules comes with the blessing of the Premier League - so we shouldn’t see any repeat of the stand-offs that arose (and are still ongoing) with QPR and Leicester.Previously, the Premier League bosses refused to help the Football League collect the ‘Fair Play Tax’ fines for clubs that overspent but won promotion – this lack of support significantly undermined the Football League and severely impacted on the effectiveness of the Football League punishments.That would result in £40m amortisation each year (assuming a 5 year deal), plus c£30m a year for wages.From an accounting perspective, he would cost around £70m a year (that's around £1.5m m for every game he plays).

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