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Second issue had Catherine Zeta-Jones as the main image alongside: 'Liz Hurley: What she really eats'.

It cost £1 for 100 pages with Ian Birch as editor-in-chief and Jane Johnson as editor.

However, it failed to keep up with modern production values - illustration and blue ink were limited to the cover in its 20 newsprint pages in 1935, a poor comparison with the colour gravure of was controversial among the newsagent trade because of its low cover price and the way it was sprung on newsagents witht little warning. Emap profile Bauer profile Initially, it was pilloried for its fawning attitude to its interviewees, but in spawning celebrity magazines (and perhaps their controlling attitudes towards the press), its effect was to be far more wide-reaching.

Has a bitter rivalry in bidding for exclusive access to celebrity weddings and events with Northern & Shell’s The first issue cost 75p with Maggie Goodman as editor.

could lay claim to the title: 'The World’s Premier Weekly Magazine', befitting its position as a pioneer of the fiction-based penny weekly formula.

It was launched by the publisher George Biggs and made great use of mechanisation for typesetting, printing and binding from the outset.

Amalgamated became Fleetway and was one of the companies that made up IPC.

Aspden continued as editor until at least 1911 and also wrote fiction.

However, like Emap’s First, it struggled and closed within a year.

It was estimated that three weeks after the launch, Bauer was printing 1.2m copies and selling about 680,000 of them.

The launch editor was Dennis Neeld and it cost 29p for 52 pages.

It used a German-influenced colour tabloid newspaper format with an initial print run of 1.2m copies and advertising base rates based on 750,000 sales. The launch drew on experience from the German market. 28 Sept 2002- Celebrity weekly with television listings.

ITP signed a five-year contract enabling it to draw on Axel Springer's experience with is a standard weekly format and the target market is ‘mums and housewives’ with real-life stories, prizes, puzzles, polls, fashion, TV news and crime stories. 'Chat Passion' is the overall name for monthly spin-offs including eight ‘seasonal' and five ‘best of' issues. The main cover line for the first issue was about Kate Winslett (why she may never marry lover Sam Mendes); George Clooney and true life stories.

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