Austria dating mariage

Montisbeligardis comitissa" donated property to the abbey of Grce-Dieu, for the soul of "mariti sui Amedei comitis Bellisgardis", with the consent of "filie sue Ludovica et Grossa", by charter dated 1195 ([1150/55]-23 Oct ----, after 1186).

The primary source which confirms her parentage has not yet been identified.

No primary source has yet been traced which confirms whether Marguerite was the wife of Thibaut [III] or of Richard.

Her birth date range is estimated from the birth of her fourth son which is estimated to [1170/75].

This in turn suggests that she was not born from the same marriage as her brother Richard [III].

He arrived in Palestine [before 1205] and was appointed Constable of the kingdom of Jerusalem by King Amaury II in 1205.

In 1207, he lifted the Seljuk siege of Satalia [Antalya] in southern Asia minor in response to the call of its ruler Aldobrandino, but was himself expelled presumably after attempting to take the town for himself.

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