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However, ASD does not typically affect general intelligence.

In fact, some individuals may show superior cognitive ability in certain areas, while autistic savants have been known to exhibit an extreme aptitude in art, music, math, or general memorization. The symptoms of Autism (or in its less severe form, Asperger’s Syndrome) cause challenges that can persist throughout life.

Daily functioning can be especially difficult for college students with ASD, who may struggle to make friends, communicate with professors, and adapt to the dynamic environment of a college campus.

Fortunately, some colleges have developed support programs that uniquely cater to the needs of students “on the spectrum.”First, we created a list of all the four-year, public and private (non-profit) colleges and universities in the U. that offer supplementary assistance programs specifically for individuals with ASD (general learning disability programs did not count).

Net Price: ,709/yr Score: 56Website Above all, USF’s top autism college support program focuses on real-world skill development and practical training.

The career-centric program helps students find internships and work experiences that match their interests and strengths.

Program members can also join regularly scheduled study tables or even enroll in a personalized physical fitness program.

Net Price: ,549/yr Score: 59Website Most of the programs on this list focus on either the transition to college from high school or the transition from college to the job market.

Therefore, the first two years of the program focus heavily on social and life skills classes.After that, we carefully examined each program to assess the quality and comprehensiveness of the resources they offer.We awarded each program 0, 10, or 20 points based on the quality of support it provides in five categories (maximum 100 points) to make ASD students happier and SAFER on campus: Because students on the spectrum will likely want to be around like-minded peers while they are in college, we gave schools an extra boost based on the percentage of undergraduates with disabilities they have formally registered on campus.To fill in the gaps, we assigned these schools a default fee of ,700/year, which we calculated by taking the average program cost of all the other schools in the ranking.Website Kent State earns a spot on this list of the best colleges for autistic students thanks in part to the varied services it provides.

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