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And if it is your boyfriend who is doing the asking, dating coach Evan Marc Katz says that “any guy who feels strongly enough about you to meet your family should be allowed to meet your family.” As the relationship becomes more serious, and you integrate your boyfriend into your home life, it’s just a matter of time before he crosses paths with your family members.

This means that if you do decide to bring your boyfriend home, the first meeting will be during a significant event (possibly with a larger gathering of family members).

While Asiana said it was a little weird to meet her boyfriend’s parents in an informal way (it was an unplanned encounter while she was at his house), she warns collegiettes about pushing for a premature introduction.

“I feel you should never force meeting the parents because that just make the whole ordeal more difficult and probably [increase] the pressure put on your [significant other],” she says.

If you’re unsure whether it’s too soon for an introduction, gauge the situation by using their reactions.

Battista agrees that if either your boyfriend or your parents have expressed interest in meeting the other, then it’s probably time to arrange a meeting.

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