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A source told the Post that Quinn’s reply was, “Yes, the smartest single woman alive: Dana Bash.” Later, Quinn texted Bash, telling her to Google Garrett and then go over to her house. Bash even called him her “celebrity crush” in a Q&A for The Hill.A quick glance at Garrett’s Twitter page will make it clear that he’s no fan of President Donald Trump.He said he’s been told that for about 20 years and even Bridges himself agrees.

As Mediate reported, Garrett tweeted at Trump after Trump wrote that CNN must be “so embarrassed” because Hillary Clinton lost.

I feel like I’m looking in a mirror’ and then he proceeded to tell me a story about when he was a young boy, he was at my parent’s wedding, both Beau & Jeff, and their father Lloyd, and Lloyd’s wife, were at the wedding of my mom & dad,” Garrett wrote.

At the wedding, Beau “bumped” into Garrett’s mother and gave her a bloody nose!

“Go the f**k to sleep you psychotic twit,” Garrett wrote. ” Garrett deleted the tweet moments later, but it was up long enough for a screenshot to be made.

Garrett is a third-generation actor who was born in Los Angeles.

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