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The guidance range excludes the Golden Grove operation following the announcement on 30 December 2016 that MMG has entered into a conditional sale agreement of Golden Grove to EMR Capital.When you start believing in yourself,when you build a coherent, closed-cycled eco shoe project,when you are responsable of a good quality product that also helps the enviroment,when the more you distribute eco shoes around, the more you help clean the planet,when you create an opportunity network for a vast group of people and yourself,when your children watch you every day working for a good cause,when you realize that this is not just a project but the future of new generations ( including your children's)... want to solve hunger and last but not the least there is people who wants to achieve world peace. Through the adventure with my partner Johannes four years ago.And another noble businessman gives us space in his empire to connect, sell and create more eco-friendly products that we know are already unprecedented successes.We are blissful, fortunate, abundant and high-grade DREAMERS. La idea de utilizar llantas como suelas, fue una de las primeras pistas para hacer zapatos ecológicos reutilizando material.Together we've overcome challenges, living and learning. Some others are soon to be real in Germany, Finland and the Caribbean islands.

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Las llantas en el mundo constituyen un gran problema a la hora de reciclarlas.Sepon produced 22,527 tonnes of copper cathode during the December quarter which represents a 12% increase on the previous quarter.The result is the strongest quarterly production in 2016 despite the operation’s ongoing transition to lower grade, more complex ores.Within each of us we have an infinite desire to do something meaningful on this planet. I truly believe that everybody is called to a great mission that benefits others. Without any certainty and with only three months of sharing we decided to go and live together in Alicante, Spain . We sold every super technologic gadget we got from our parents's presents and moved to Costa Rica, thinking that we had found a way to finance the project through a Costa Rican eco-village.That's how we began to write the first ideas about this eco-project that we had just invented. Aaaand, at the end we discovered that only we could create the opportunity "from scratch" to turn this simple idea that we had into a real committed company.

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