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Such as a particular element might evoke a strong feeling of happiness or fond memories for one person, but that same image might trigger a strong distaste for the same subject or anger by another person. Interesting, but I'd question is accuracy overall especially when you factor the emotional component in.

So at best, I'm thinking it works primarily off of analysis of keywords in comments and likes.

There are many basic rules of composition that are used, especially in media, marketing, and advertising, to elicit specific emotional responses from the consumer.

Anything tied to set parameters can be easily analyzed by computers.

Would we replace the judgement of our own two eyes with this chatbot to curate our Instagram feed? But it’s still fun to take it for a spin and see what the BBC's 'artificial intelligence algorithm' thinks of various images we throw at it.

To test the chatbot, we used an image from the Lamborghini Huracan camera car article yesterday. Not bad considering it received zeroes in emotions and landmarks.Do you ever wonder just how 'Instagram-worthy' your latest photo is? The team at BBC Tomorrow’s World have built a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence to tell you just how much potential your photo has in terms of attracting likes and comments.The free Messenger is available for Facebook Messenger and ties directly into your Instagram account.The color aspect of the scoring, that I can understand.Perhaps the AI recognizes photos that have a lot of blue, or mostly yellow receive more likes and comments than those that omit it. But Emotion and human response is a bit more complex and it often also depends on the individual's experiences.

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