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You may have seen our MTV show, #1 NYT bestselling book or our love of [email protected] Biddle was born without a hand and we surprised her with a new bionic arm, she's legit: https:// v=i Rex WE9y BVA site: twitter: TEDx Talk in Rome: https:// I've always wondered what inspired you guys to actually break the mold and set off for the adventure? Things like global warming that were too complex for any single leader to conquer. At the time my brother had lost one of his best friends to a drowning accident in British Columbia and it made me think a lot about death.v=QV0bdz QRBD8 *If Torri's vid gets 1M views Hanger Clinics will donate another bionic arm to a deserving teen so please help share! I realized that mortality is a (maybe, ) most powerful motivator for our species.if you just start doing it, taking small steps, you'll figure it out. -ben Hey guys just wanted to say my mom and I watched your show religiously thank you so much for giving us that.I also have 2 questions and the first one is for Duncan. My second question is how did you guys get your start and turn it from something so small to such a huge movement.We partnered with Contiki Tours (who do travel trips for young people across the world).They said they would help us help fans cross off list items in Italy so we came up with @5thmember.

we believed in ourselves and the project and we didn't take no for an answer.

We wanted it to be like we'd been doing it the 3 years prior, 4 regular dudes. In the end though the casino did donate a good portion of it to charity.

Cause what's the point if MTV's making all that stuff happen... - ben Yeah we played basketball with Obama, finally, on the white house courts, we weren't allowed to film but we snuck a camera in anyways. (Backstory: we lost 250k on one roulette spin while attempting #71: Make a Million Dollars.

You can still sign up: be honest, for me personally, my latest goal has been to direct the first feature length film with a 360 degree camera.

I've been into this oculus rift stuff and have been working with a company called Centre Cam (Kickstarter Page: https:// VR just opens whole new realms of possibility for story telling.

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