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Eventually they will see what kind of person they are.Also I knew a guy who wanted nothing to do with his first son because it was a one night stand and he ended up hating the mother after he got to know her (she lied and stole).What if he gets the new girl pregnant why would he just not ignore that kid also. Join What to Expect and International Medical Corps on Wednesday, July 25, 2018, for the fourth annual #Bump Day, by posting your favorite bump photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Every pregnancy is special, but real talk here: When you’re pregnant for the second (or third or fourth) time, it’s a wildly different experience than it was your first time around.

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If he can ignore his own kid that to me just isn't right. I am so glad he left her so she can finally be happy again with someone else that loves her and her baby.

There might be a chance she has no idea he got someone pregnant because he can be very charming and manipulative.

If that's the case, I can't blame her because if she doesn't know then that's isn't her fault.

If I found out my new boyfriend had an ex who was pregnant and he wouldn't even acknowledge her, that would be a big red flag to me.

I would either seriously question my relationship with him or go ahead and it end it completely. Same with men that date women who keep the biological dad away. Even right now, I started talking to a guy who only claimes the mother is abusive.

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