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Stephens, who was none other than her older brother, Jim!

Jim told his sister that his work on the Xtabay viru, as well as his identity, had to remain a secret, Maureen, at Jim's request, persuaded Warren Andrews to assign Dr. Ed was not happy at what he perceived as Maureen's deception. Stephens really Jim diagnosed that Tony was suffering from a brain tumor.

Later, Ed discovered that Fletcher had had a vasectomy so he couldn't be the baby's father. When Maureen found out about the baby, she left Ed. Unfortunately, Ed's condition did not escape gossipy nurse Charlotte Wheaton.

After lying in her coma for weeks, Claire regained consciousness, admitted Rick that she altered his final exam and collapsed with a brain seizure.

After a dangerous operation saved her life, Claire confessed the truth to the medical association.

Suspecting that Ed had fathered Claire's child, and feeling jealous, Charlotte leaked Ed's alcoholism to newswoman Alicia Rhomer.

However, unknown to everyone, Charlotte had another motive for ruining Ed Bauer.

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