Bi girl for straight guy dating

What if we get married and he asks me why dinner isn’t made, and the house is a mess? My friend and I laughed at that, but we both agreed that’s not only homophobic but super sexist.

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Would I have looked past the other issues for a little longer if he wasn’t bisexual? My married friend (who is gay) asked me what happened. When he comes over and gives the order, then I’ll do it”.I think we're at a time and place where guys are much more likely to be excited by the girl-on-girl fantasy potential than harbor any discrimination against your sexual orientation, but whatever your reason might be, it's kind of irrelevant, for the reason that who you might have hooked up with in the past, or may want to get down with in the future, is really none of his business until you've reached a place where history becomes important.I guess what I'm saying is: Stop worrying about how to "present it." It's not something you need to "present," unless you want to.And I didn’t — that is, until my phone buzzed with a text message from a name I never expected to see on my screen again: “Do you want to get coffee? I needed to tell him I was sorry; he needed to tell me how much I hurt him. Since that day, I’ve reflected on the lessons the relationship taught me, and what I learned from him he was bisexual. He was drawn to men and women, while I was only drawn to men, but that didn’t make him any more promiscuous or untrustworthy than the next guy. In fact, he was unbearably monogamous and loyal to a fault.This led to his heartache, since he was trying to date me: a gay guy who’s not monogamously inclined, a guy who was too immature at the time to say, “Hey, I’m not really looking for a relationship.” There remains this bizarre notion that someone who is attracted to multiple genders will inevitably miss having sex with people of the gender they’re not currently sleeping with and will therefore cheat.

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