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On an average day in 2015, 50 percent of American women did housework — such as cleaning or laundry — compared with 22 percent of men, according to a survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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And when we cook dinner, we break it down by who likes making the kind of food we want to eat that night," she said.

When that happens, it's time to throw out the map and begin to write our own.

about coming out to his ex-wife, Penelope Thompson."I told her I was bisexual, that my attraction went both ways.

It is simply a priority that falls below things such as my work, self-care and social engagements. In my relationships with men, that always felt like a problem, as if my messiness became not just aesthetically or logistically problematic, but also involved me betraying an aspect of my femininity that played an important role in how we related to each other. I've been surprised with my current partner with how easily the food gets prepared, the kitchen gets cleaned and the bed gets made.

The tasks are the same, yet it feels like all of the baggage, the heaviness, the "supposed-tos" around them have disappeared.

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